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While its true glory is a few years off, take a look at the Houston International Promenade, a five-block capital improvement project that brought the EaDo community together to plant hundreds of trees. Eventually, the area will be a nice counterpoint to Discovery Green. 

The Sun Young Taoist Temple, formerly the Tien Hou Temple (1507 Delano St.), doesn’t draw the crowds that it once did but is still a place of beauty and peace. During festivals and holidays, the traffic does pick up a bit.

You might not need a trial lawyer, but don’t let that stop you from driving by the law offices of Tim Hootman (2402 Pease St.) because they’re located in a boxcar, a Pullman car and a caboose. There’s also some far out yard art. At Aerosol Warfare (2110 Jefferson St.) you’ll find art exhibitions and gallery tours by appointment. Co-founder Mario Enrique Figueroa, Jr. (aka GONZO247) is a well known graffiti artist who heads up this unique collective.

While technically something to see (as well as drink), the 8th Wonder Brewery (2202 Dallas St.) offers weekend tours and some great craft brews. Likewise, the Houston Food Park (1504 St. Emmanuel St.) has yummy food, sure, but there are also some incredible wall murals generated by 40 different artists. Like them or not, you’re certainly going to notice them.