Shop Heights

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People who love to walk and shop know that a Saturday afternoon spent checking out the stores and galleries on 19th Street is a Saturday well spent. You’ll definitely enjoy checking out the wide array of Mexican folk art at Casa Ramirez (241 W. 19th St.), in addition to the ever-changing educational/cultural exhibits Ramirez is proud to display, along with truly spectacular Day of the Dead crafts. 

Jubilee (325 W. 19th St.) is the kind of shop that always seems to have some funky thing that you didn’t know you wanted, but once seen, you’ve got to have. Penzey’s (156 W. 19th St.) is just special—the highest quality spices and herbs, beautifully displayed, a place to sniff and sample and buy more than you planned. 

Next, imagine the used bookstore of your dreams, one with well-stocked shelves containing almost anything you could want (and some things you didn’t even know you wanted). Imagine a bookstore with owners, John and Dee Dillman, who know their stock, know their books, and know just what books to suggest you add to your reading list. That’s Kaboom Books (3116 Houston Ave).

You may not garden, or even pretend to know anything at all about plants, but rest assured, if you were a gardener, Another Place in Time (421 W. 11th St.) would become your second home—a beautiful array of orchids, perennials, annuals, herbs and more, with a staff that not only knows its stuff but won’t make you feel like an idiot for all the stuff you don’t know.