See Heights

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One of many great things about the Heights is that there’s so much to see and do. One of Houston’s distinct cultural entities is, of course, the Art Car Museum (140 Heights Blvd.), where one can visit an exhibition forum for local, national and international artists with an emphasis on art cars, other fine arts and artists that are rarely, if ever, acknowledged by other cultural institutions.

Alice’s Tall Texan (4904 N. Main) is one of Houston’s great dive bars and the home of the buck-fifty Lone Star or Shiner Bock served in an icy cold, 20-oz., giant glass goblet just as the good Lord intended. 

14 Pews (800 Aurora), so named because it is located in a charming old wood church with, you guessed it, 14 pews, is that rare gem: a micro-cinema offering innovative and provocative film programming. 

Speaking of old films, the old 1920s movie theater on 19th street is scheduled to reopen. The Heights Theater (339 W. 19th Street) was destroyed by arson in 1968 but was repaired by locals Gus and Sharon Koprivas who purchased the building in 1988. The building was recently designated a historical landmark. New owner Edward Cabaniss plans a venue celebrating the performing and visual arts. For now drive by at night for a great photo op of the iconic Heights marquee.