BBBB for the Week of September 25: Featuring Properties <$600k

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Hello BBBB Friends,

Welcome back! It's been a busy week. Almost 40% of my watch list went under contract, had a price reduction, or were withdrawn from the market. Be sure to scroll below to get the scoop! This week I am featuring homes priced under $600,000. While there seems to be a shortage of properties available at this price point, there are both move-in ready homes and homes with major projects to be found.

Interestingly, a rash of 2/1 bungalows hit the market this week. There are a significant number of 2/1 bungalows in the Heights and sooner or later they will all be up for sale. As the owner of a 2/1 bungalow in a historic district I am very familiar with their issues. Here are 3 things to consider before purchasing a 2/1 bungalow:

  1. Bathrooms: You may be happy with 1 bathroom but when you want to sell, know there are fewer buyers in the market for 2/1's.
  2. Condition: Some have been renovated or updated but those updates may have been in made in another century so be aware that conventional financing may not be an option, you made need a construction loan or pay cash.
  3. Expand-ability: If the bungalow is in an historic district, any expansion will have to begin at the back of the house (new rule). Depending on the lot size and whether there is alley access, an addition may eat up all of the back yard.

That said, if you are up for a project, there is nothing I like better than a well-renovated bungalow! I have included 2 2/1 bungalows in my list below.

This Week's Featured Properties


718 E 12 1/2: $400,000

After a couple of months off the market, this 2/1, 1030 sq. ft. bungalow is back and with a $178,000 price reduction. I’d say this deserves a little attention! A fixer-upper in the truest sense of the word, what this house has going for it is location (walk to Ruggles Green, Liberty Kitchen and Decapo’s plus other 11st St. businesses), the lot size (6250 sq. ft.) AND the fact that it is not in a Historic District (renovations will be a lot easier). If you don’t want to go whole hog with an expansion, a previous addition to the rear of the house could possibly be used to create a master with bath/closet. Then again, it’s on a different level so you may need to start over. 

NEW ON THE MARKET: 1515 Tulane

1515 Tulane: $400,323

Fixer-upper number 2 for this week is another 2/1 bungalow (this one's 1228 sq. ft. on a 5850 sq. ft. lot)  that needs serious renovations and expansion. What this house has going for it is also location (Tulane is an awesome street and this block is curbed and guttered), alley access (so you should have a little bit of yard left if you choose to expand), and useable 2 car garage. Because it is in a historic district, any expansion will have to be approved by the Historic Commission.


417 W 13th: $475,000

I’m not saying this cute 2/2 (possibly 3/2) bungalow doesn’t need updates to its updates, but it is certainly livable as is. A facelift with landscaping and pretty blue paint has really improved the curb appeal. Note that the master bedroom is upstairs with the other bedroom down (perfect for empty-nesters, not so much for families). The lot is only 4400 sq. ft. (house is 1390 sq. ft.) but there is a deck and small yard. It is in a historic district. Just 3 blocks from the Hike and Bike Trial and 2 blocks from Milroy Park.


801 Walton: $510,000

I’m highlighting this Creole Cottage in Brooke Smith as an example of an expansion within the constraints of the original 1288 sq. ft. footprint. With a lot size of only 4000 sq. ft., expanding out was just not an option. They’ve added a bedroom and bath making it a 3/2, and yes, the bedrooms are small but the home has some charming features including: antique cypress sliding “barn” door between the kitchen and family room, uncovered original shiplap, very nice kitchen renovation, and brick courtyard with a water feature. It’s on a corner lot on a nice block with curbs and gutters.


1119 E 16th: $550,000

This classic Norhill bungalow just oozes charm. (I love the way the teal front door and swing contrast with the yellow rocking chairs on the porch.) The house (a 2/2) is actually only 1122 sq. ft. (per HCAD) and I’m stunned by how they fit a large master with walk-in closet in that small of a footprint. There is a garage apartment with full kitchen which is great for extra income or a place to house visiting relatives. The back yard has a small bricked patio with some space left over for a bit of grass. It is in a historic district.


1420 Waverly: Price Reduced to $509,900 from $520,000

1420 Waverly: $509,900

If you are up for a fixer-upper, this might be for you! It’s already a good size (1774 sq. ft.) with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths but there is room for expansion and it’s not in a historic district. The lot is 6600 sq. ft. There is alley access if you want to add a garage. This a great part of the Heights and a good street/block.

320 W 17th: Price Reduced to $699,000 from $749,000

320 W 17th: $699,000

This is one of the best blocks in the Heights for sitting on the front porch with a glass of wine conversing with the neighbors walking by. If you want new-ish (built in 2011), this is 2215 sq. ft. on a subdivided 3,400 sq. ft. lot and is a 3/2/1. Sullivan Brothers built several similar homes on this block in the early part of this decade. Two have sold in the past year for $819k.

2115 Gostick: Price Reduced to $879,000 from $899,900

2115 Gostick: $879,000

While not a bungalow, this is currently one of my top two Heights homes on the market. It is a farmhouse style and it’s one of the few recent construction, 4/3 homes priced at under a million dollars. It has an amazing screened-in back porch and it’s so well decorated I would move in without changing a thing. It has an attached garage tucked behind with alley access (moves me to tears!)

1119 Le Green: Option Pending

1119 Le Green: $519,000

Original List Price:  $550,000

Days on Market:  37

624 W 18th: Option Pending

624 W. 18th: $560,000

Original List Price:  $600,000

Days on Market:  51

615 Woodland: Option Pending

615 Woodland: $565,000

Original List Price:  $565,000

Days on Market:  71

706 Algregg: Option Pending

706 Algregg: $580,000

Original List Price:  $640,000

Days on Market:  177

1033 Highland St: Option Pending

1033 Highland: $695,000

Original List Price:  $695,000

Days on Market:  5

905 Harvard: Option Pending

915 Harvard: $785,000

Original List Price:  $785,000

Days on Market:  16

A Few More Updates

    Back On The Market:

    605 Archer St:  $615,000

    Expired, Terminated, Withdrawn

    I'll keep a look out for these to come back online:

    709 Cordell:  $599,500

    230 E 25th:  $544,975

    807 Woodland:  $499,900

      Going, Going, Gone!

      SOLD: 4031 Oak Ridge

      Sale price:  $438,900

      List price at time of contract:  $438,800

      Original listing price:  $475,000

      Total days on market:  111

      SOLD: 604 Euclid

      Sale price:  $613,000

      List price at time of contract:  $670,000

      Original listing price:  $720,000

      Total days on market:  51

      SOLD: 508 Archer

      Sale price:  $560,000

      List price at time of contract:  $585,000

      Original listing price:  $650,000

      Total days on market:  92

      SOLD: 530 Harvard

      Sale price:  $625,000

      List price at time of contract:  $625,000

      Original listing price:  $625,000

      Total days on market:  2

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