Heights Real Estate At-A-Glance

Houston Heights Real Estate Overview:

  • Currently there are 255 homes for sale in Houston Heights.
  • The average price of the homes for sale in Houston Heights is $719,216.
  • The average square feet of the homes in Houston Heights is 1,823 sqft.
  • There are currently 45 homes for lease in Houston Heights subdivision.
  • The average rent in Houston Heights is $2,139 at an average price of 2 per square foot.
Our Inside Scoop on the Heights

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On Aug. 13, 2013, CNN said of the Houston Heights (in a piece on the best big city neighborhoods), “Houstonians are blessed when it comes to affordable housing and an abundance of jobs. But Houston Heights offers something rare for this city: an urban, walkable area with a cohesive neighborhood vibe.”

And that is precisely why so many people love the Heights, and why its 1920s classic bungalow houses have become some of the most sought after properties in Houston. It’s easily accessible to all parts of the city (who wouldn’t love being just five minutes from downtown’s theaters and concert venues?), but it feels very much like its own community.

It feels like a real neighborhood, with a couple of main streets—19th for shops and restaurants and a quaint small-town feel, Studewood for traffic and a rapidly expanding “big name” restaurant scene. It also has a decent amount of sidewalks for dog walking, grocery stores ranging from mega Kroger to Revival Market to Canino’s, small parks, and neighborhood businesses where people actually do know your name.

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